The Aztec Club has a great set of pages about the Mexican War, but the site is downright unavigateable. This is too bad since there's some great information in there and wonderful images well-worth perusing. The Aztec Club refers to a group of well-known soldiers who fought in the Mexican War in 1847 (among them Civil War giants Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, James Longstreet, and more!).

Check out the uniforms page (because who doesn't love a man in uniform? ~ especially 19th century ones!). Lots of examples of period duds, including these fashionable seaman's bellbottoms (hand embroidered!)

You can check out other pages if you like, but beware of serious webfugly! if only there was an email listed, we could all do our part to improve 19th century resources on the web by gently suggesting to the site maintainer that they may want to drag their web skills into the 21st century.

If you know of any great 19th century-related websites roaming around out there, feel free to share them ~ and use the tag "websites".



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