One of the things I would love to do with this community is find interesting Victorian-era-related websites and share them (factual, artistic, or otherwise). Today I thought I would pass along a link to Wooden Rose by Tami Wicinas. It's called a "Victorian fairy tale" and I'll say the emphasis should be on "fairy tale".

While clearly inspired by at least pseudo-Victorian themes, it's more about the romance of the era than the era itself, with very little precision in the details. But it's nicely drawn (animé style) and well-colored ~ and will likely prove entertaining in spite of its lack of authenticity. There's no sense whatsoever what country in which it takes place, but that's okay too: it leans so heavily on the fantasy end of things, it likely won't matter.


: D

P.S. I hope this entry gives some sense of the leeway allowable when addressing the topic of this community.


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